Financial Institutions

India's rural/urban poor currently have very little access to finance from formal sources and Microfinance approaches have tried to fill this gap. MFIs can be a part of the VelaiSMS program by providing microcredit for the rural/urban entrepreneurs. One of the significant social impacts of the MFIs can be in the realization that the key to alleviating poverty is often not in the creation of 'jobs' - that is salaried word - but rather the encouragement of self-employment for all rural/Urban individuals, especially women, who create goods and services and market them on a local level.

The capacity of these rural/urban entrepreneurs to make productive contributions on their own behalf and to benefit the society can be recognized by creating more programs that will both support and make use of the creative gifts of the poor. Thus, inducing mutual benefit for the MFIs, rural/urban entrepreneurs and VelaiSMS as a whole.

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