Video Testimonials

Name: Mr.Akbar Ali

Role: Mangalam Fancy store - Owner.

Location: Mangalam

Mr.Akbar Ali narrates how he started his career as Cutting Master in 1980 and explained about the Pain points in getting relevant Job in Tirupur.

Name: Ms.Angathal

Role: Woman working for Rs. 10 a Day.

Location: Panikkampatti

Narrates that she earns only Rs. 10 per day if she yields 1 KG of thread from the Waste Cloth, and it is not enough to run the family. She works from Home after completing her Household Chores and is willing to work hard if better opportunity is bestowed.

Name: Mr.Nachimuthu

Role: Member of Physically Challenged Group.

Location: Chiniagoundenpalayam

Mr.Nachimuthu is physically challenged by leg. He admits that many members in his Group cannot move to Companies for Work but all are interested to Work from Home if we provide Job works at their place.

Name: Ms.Sudha

Role: SHG Leader of Women Group.

Location: Chiniagoundenpalayam

Many women in her group are idle at home after sending Kids to School. They cannot move to companies for work on Shift basis too. Hence, they are looking up for Offsite works so that they can work and earn to support their family.

Name: Ms.Sumathi

Role: SHG Leader of Women Group.

Location: Chiniagoundenpalayam

Ms.Sumathi and her Group members are willing to work Offsite from Home after completing household chores and sending Kids to school.

Name: Ms.Ambika

Role: Project Executive of Kalanjiyam - SHG.

Location: Karvampalayam

Ms.Ambika explains the hurdles faced by Women to get a Job. She addresses that VelaiSMS is good for the betterment of Women which provides Job informations to them.