At VelaiSMS we are chartered with a social mission to change lives of rural/urban under privileged, by information empowerment leveraging affordable and deployable technology. We believe through VelaiSMS "Digital divide" can be addressed and the channelized approach will lead to Inclusive growth of India.VelaiSMS is for governments, enterprises and we also partner with employability skill reformers and employment reformers. VelaiSMS leverages technology to

1. Enable Planning for employability and employment reformers.

2. Identifies and creates profiles as per the criterion (e.g.) identifying, verifying and digitizing the below the poverty line (BPL) unskilled/skilled rural/urban mass in the preferred rural/urban location.

3. Engage and empower the rural/urban under privileged during and post training period.

4. Employ by accurately matching the requirements of employment reformers with the trained workforce from employability reformers.

5. Redeploy same resource to another company when he or she quits the current job due to personal or social compulsion or is asked to leave. This way our approach is to build a sustainable platform for transformation.

Bridging Digitally Divided India:

Indian Working Population @ Glance (Census 2001):

1. Indian Population over 102 Cr+, with over 72% is in Rural/Urban India.

2. Total Working Population is over 39%, thus 40 Cr+.

3. Rural/Urban Working Population is over 30%, thus 30 Cr+.

Internet Penetration (Dec 08):

1. Total Internet Penetration was 5.7 Cr+.

2. Rural/Urban Internet Penetration was 55 Lakhs +.

Telecom @ Glance (June 09):

1. Total Subscriber over 42 Cr+ with Rural/Urban base of 26%, thus over 11 Cr+.

Our Approach:

1. Leverage Telecom Channel (Text + Voice) to power working Rural/Urban Bharat.

Mobile Adoption is the highest of all ICT platforms as compared to Internet adoption amongst people from all walks of life. Enabling telecom and its mobile subscribers with information access can bridge the digital divide in our society and it is the only choice and channel for empowering "Bharat" (Rural India and Urban Poor). The rural/urban/semi-urban mass also mandates vernacular content. The adoption of TV and Radio channels by rural/urban mass concludes that the high adoption happened largely due to local and regional content delivery. The need for vernacular, technology driven approach to improve lives of our fellow countrymen is evident and is adopted by VelaiSMS.

Our brand name approach is where we depending on the most popular spoken language in the adopted region in which the text/voice can be published, we adopt the local brand name in local vernacular language. So, in Tamil Nadu, we call it VelaiSMS (Velai is Jobs in Tamil) and similarly in Hindi speaking region we call it VelaiSMS. The parent company, which has built the product and owns the brand(s), is called Durai Charitable Trust.

By enabling and empowering the 40 Cr+ working population with 'JOB INFORMATION' alone we can transform livelihood of people, his family, community, society and nation.

Our Experience