Women's equality in power sharing and active participation in decision making at all levels must be ensured for the achievement of the goals of women empowerment. Since women comprise the majority of the population below the poverty line and are very often in situations of extreme poverty, given the harsh realities of intra-household and social discrimination, necessary support measures will specifically address the needs and problems of such women. Several Self-help groups (SHGs) are formed within a closed group and enhance women's access to Microcredit for consumption and production in India.


Women population in India and Tamilnadu:

The women population in India accounts to around 48% of the total population. he total female worker population is 31.6% of the total worker population in India. The literacy rate of women in India is only around 53.7%.

In Tamilnadu, the women population is around 49.6% of the total population and that of female worker population is around 35% of the total worker population. The literacy rate of women is around 64.4% in Tamilnadu.

Women Population Literacy rate (%) Worker Population
India 496,514,346 53.7% 127,220,248
Tamilnadu 31,004,770 64.4% 9,777,885

Source: Census of India 2001

Challenges Of Women:

The women in India face several challenges and police records show high incidence of crimes against women in India. Several crimes like sexual harassment, Dowry, Child marriage, Domestic violence, Trafficking are few of those. The average female life expectancy today in India is low compared to many countries.

In many families, especially rural/urban/semi-urban, the girls and women face nutritional discrimination within the family, and are anemic and malnourished. The discrimination in education, land and property rights are few other challenges.

Women empowerment has challenges due to their daily commitment to household chores and need to look after family, they are unable to work full time and at required hours of reporting and relieving time.

Our Impact:

1. VelaiSMS empowers the network of SHGs and NGOs for the betterment of Women in India.

2. VelaiSMS notifies employers on offsite supply of women resources who can be trained and made employable where women are willing to work for short duration on piece rate basis.

3. VelaiSMS brings work like Apparel making, embroidery, designing, candle making etc. making their life easy to work at their own convenience.

4. By empowering women with skills and making them financially independent alone can we eliminate discrimination, eradicate illiteracy; create a gender-sensitive educational system, increase enrolment and retention rates of girls.

5. Vhe access to job and skill information can act as an incentive where VelaiSMS would facilitate life-long learning as well as development of occupation/vocation/technical skills.

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